• Community Impacts Assessment

    ​As part of Integration, a multi-agency team under the direction of the Integration Implementation Team developed tools to assist with Community Impacts Assessment.  The purpose of these tools is to help appropriately identify, include, and address community attributes and potential community impacts in long range transportation planning and to provide useful information to the project development process under NEPA/SEPA.

    The Community Understanding Report (CUR) is a template for gathering and assessing data about a community in order to support a transportation planning effort, either development of a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) or Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).  Information is gathered related to population trends and projections, population diversity, community character, schools/ parks, public safety/ emergency response, centers of community, community events and special event venues, economic conditions/ jobs, development goals, farming operations, natural resources, and transportation choices.  This information can be used to inform the transportation planning process in many areas, including visioning/ establishing goals and objectives, planning and conducting public involvement, identification of deficiencies and constraints, and analysis of project proposals.

    Other tools developed as part of the Community Impacts Assessment effort include lists of potential stakeholders and transportation plan steering committee members, as well as other tools for ensuring community information is incorporated appropriately into the transportation planning process.  A team worked to update these tools in 2019.

    Community Understanding Report (CUR) Guidance

    Community Understanding Report [Editable]

    Guidance for CUR Meeting

    Potential Transportation Plan Committee Members

    Potential Transportation Plan Stakeholders

    Committee Member- Stakeholder Table

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