• Strategic Transportation Corridors (STC)

    In mid-2013, NCDOT began to update its Strategic Highway Corridors (SHC) Policy, which 10 years earlier had identified 55 highway corridors across the state deemed to be of high priority in achieving state development goals. NCDOT also needed to update the planning tool known as the NC Multimodal Investment Network which stratified elements of the state’s multimodal transportation system into statewide, regional, and sub-regional tiers. The result is the North Carolina Transportation Network (NCTN), and the Strategic Transportation Corridors (STC) Policy and corridor network.
    The STC identify a network of critical multimodal transportation corridors considered the backbone of the state’s transportation system. These 25 corridors move most of our freight and people, link critical centers of economic activity to international air and sea ports, and support interstate commerce. They must operate well to help North Carolina attract new businesses, grow jobs and catalyze economic development.
    The STC Policy and map were presented to the N.C. Board of Transportation’s (BOT) Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.  The committee recommended the full board consider the policy and map as presented.  The STC Policy and map was presented to the full BOT at its regular February 2015 meeting, and the BOT adopted them at its meeting on March 4, 2015. 
    About Strategic Transportation Corridors Master Plan
     The STC Report and subsequent Board of Transportation approval call for development of individual strategic corridor master plans in each of the designated corridors. The intent of the master plans is to develop a consistent transportation vision for the corridor, based on stakeholder input and sound technical assessment, that recognizes statewide economic development objectives, advances subsequent regional planning and corridor project development activities, and can serve to streamline the project development process.
    NCDOT is currently working on Master Plans for the following:
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