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  • Application Instructions

    ​The federal FTZ application process is divided into three steps:

    Step 1
    Application is submitted to the FTZ Board through the grantee (N.C. Department of Transportation). 

    1.   Visit and download the appropriate application. There are three different types of applications: 
      •   ​Subzone/Usage-Driven Site under the Alternative Site Framework Application
      •   Production Notification
      •   Production Application

      2. Complete the form and rename it to include your company's name.

      3. Email the completed application and supporting documents to the Grantee, for submission to the FTZ Board.​

    The specific time frames applicable to various application types can be found at​. The time frames are from the date the FTZ Board officially dockets the application.​

    Step 2
    Once the application has been approved by the FTZ Board, the operator must activate the site with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). There are three areas that CBP will review:

    • Procedures manual, describing the inventory control and record keeping systems.
    • Facility check and background checks on company officers.
    • Employees who have access to records, and the written concurrence of the Grantee in cases where the operator requests activation.
    Step 3

    FTZ regulations require the user and operator to then execute an agreement with the grantee. 

SENC Foreign Trade Zone #214 
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