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    ​​ ​The N.C. Department of Transportation'​s On-the-Job Training Program assists minorities, women, veterans and disadvantaged individuals who have been historically underrepresented​​​ in highway construction job opportunities.

    This program's goal is to train and prepare program participants to meet a certain skill level in the highway construction sector. This allows us to build a well-diversified pool of skilled workers while providing equal opportunities for people to pursue highway construction careers.

    The On-the-Job Training (OJT) program is located within the NCDOT Office of Civil Rights​.

    The program team directs and monitors the activities of OJT consultants as they assist prime contractors with upgrading skills and case management of the incumbent workforce trainees.

    In addition, the OJT program is actively involved with community partners and stakeholders to establish a pool of skilled workers for the highway construction industry through construction trade academies.

    The OJT team also promotes youth engagement and awareness of the highway construction industry through construction career fairs and other events designed for middle to high school students.

 Supportive Services

  • What is the On-the-Job Training/Supportive Services (OJT/SS) Program?

    ​​It is a workforce and support program of the Federal Highway Administration that was created to complement the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program administered by State Transportation Agencies (STAs).

    What is the goal of the program?

    ​​​​The program is designed to assist STAs, such as the N.C. Department of Transportation, working with private contractors in the development and enhancement of their on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs using federal-aid highway funds.​​​

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  • What is the ​Highway Construction Trades Academy (HCTA) Program?

    It is a training course hosted by community-based organizations and community colleges statewide, supported by Federal Highway Administration funding.​

    What is the goal of the program?

    The program is designed to address the growing need for skilled labor in the transportation industry while creating a more diverse workforce.​

    What does the program offer?

    • Training for specific jobs and effective job search methods

    • Supportive services, such as emergency short-term daycare and transportation assistance​
    • Events that provide outreach, recruitment, career awareness, and exposure related to the highway construction industry

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  • On-the-Job Training CEEED (Construction Career Exposure, Engagement, and Education Development) activities include:

    • ​Highway Construction Career Days (CCD)/Career Expos

    ​​Each event includes a trade show with booths for vendors to pr​ovide additional learning opportunities and to discuss future highway construction career paths for middle and high school students.

    • ​​Construction Career Engagement

    ​​​​​​​​The On-the-Job Training program conducts outreach, information sessions, and career/job fairs to promote opportunities and professional development programs that are focused on the highway construction industry.​​


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