Follow the steps below to create a new NCID for your company. Please note that you​​ must submit the information in step #2 to the email address before you can start your online application. We will email you within one business working day notifying you that we have added your business NCID to the Pequalification online application site.

    ​​1) Prequalification — Obtain NCID

    A North Caroli​na ​Identity Management (NCID) Business Account is required. Having an NCID Business account gives you access to the Prequalification Application​.

    2) Prequalification — Submit NCID
    Email the information below to:   prequal@ncdot.gov
    • NCID User ID
    • Your name
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact e-mail
    • Company/Business name
    • Tax ID for the company or business you wish to access

    3) Prequalification — Register Online

    Once you receive confirmation that we have added your NCID User ID:
    • Type in your Tax Id and click on "Look Up" to find for your firm.
    • Select your firm and select what type of action you wish to complete.
    • Click "Next" and complete the information on your screen.

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