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    ​Welcome to the Construction Team Sites Landing page.  From this page Construction Contractors can learn about Construction Team Sites, how they are used, and how to get access.

  • What are Construction Team Sites?

    ​Construction Team Sites are online collaboration sites where NCDOT and their construction business partners can submit, store, and share documents in standard locations and formats, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Users can set up alerts in order to receive real time notification when new documents are submitted or existing documents are updated.  Some examples include:

    •           Submittals

    •           Plans and Contracts

    •           Material Received Reports

    •           Certified Payrolls

    •           And more…

  • Where Can I Go for Help?

    ​We're here to help!  Improving communication and collaboration between NCDOT and our Construction Business Partners is what Construction Team Sites are all about.  The links below should provide you with training and how-to resources, and directions for where to go for help and support.

    Highway Divisions Directory

    For help with specific team sites or get other project specific information, please contact the Resident Engineer (RE) assigned to the project. 

    Contact Us

    To request technical help or report a problem.

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