• Purchase Order (PO) Prime Contractor- Contracts Division Let. Less than $5 Million


    As a purchase order contractor, you may bid on any Division Let project (less than $5 million).

    You must acquire your NCID before you can submit your application online .

    Prequalification Application

    Once your company is prequalified, you are not prequalified indefinitely. You must renew annually and requalify every three years. The purpose of the annual renewal is to update your Safety Index and a current Non-Collusion and Debarment Certification is on file. Failure to renew before your expiration date will remove your prequalification status and ability to bid on projects​. A reminder is emailed 60 days before your expiration date. Please allow up to 4 weeks for renewal approval.

    The following information is required for each submittal:

    Safety Index Rating
    Update Safety Index​​
    Update Safety Index
    Additional workcodes can be requested anytime of the year by logging into your existing application. If you request additional codes, you will be required to update your equipment list and work history for each of the codes.
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