• Prequalification Steps - Prime Under $5 Million (POC)

    Effective July 1, 2014 Division Let contracts shall only be awarded to firms listed in the Directory as either Bidder or PO Prime Contractor.  After this date, firms that are prequalified as subcontractors only cannot bid on Division Let projects.  Please note that this does not apply to SBE Contracts.


    Why is prequalification necessary?

    Prequalification is necessary to ensure that you have sufficient ability and experience to do the work specified in NCDOT contracts. Only bids from prequalified bidders (Prime or POC) can be accepted when a contract is advertised.
    Once your firm is approved, its name will show up in the department's Directory of Firms as a POC Contractor.  Firms that are prequalified as purchase order contract contractors may also perform work on all NCDOT projects as subcontractors.


    Prequalification – Step One

    You must create a North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) user ID first:
    If you do not already have a NCID account, go to the NCID Login Page and select the Business Account option for new user registration.
    You will next need to have your NCID approved by us to add to our PreQualification System. To do so, please email the following information:
    • NCID User ID
    • Your name
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact e-mail
    • Company/Business name
    • Tax ID for the company or business you wish to access
    • Name, title and signature of an officer of the firm
    To:   Prequalifications Management

    If you have any prequalification-related questions, please Contact Us.
    Prequalification — Online Option - Continued
    Once your NCID User ID has been approved, go to the Online Prequalification System and login to complete your application.
    Click on "Look Up" to search for your firm. When you find it, click on it and then select what type of application you wish to complete. Click "Next" and complete the information on your screen.
    Renewal and Requalification

    Once prequalified, firms must renew your status annually and requalify every three (3) years. The purpose of the annual renewal is to make sure NCDOT has a current Safety Index and address on file.

    Requalification and Renewal forms below:

    Next Steps After Prequalified

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