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    As a Private Consultant​, you will be able to submit Letters of Interest (LOI) on projects advertised by NCDOT. ​​
    You will find these advertisements at:
    You must have your NCID before you can submit your application with our online

    Audit requirements​ for Architect and Engineering firms doing business with NCDOT.

    Private consulting firms that desire to perform work or services for the Department must be prequalified to perform that type of work prior to submitting their Letter of Interest (LOI). However, if the advertisement allows, you may submit your prequalification application at the same time as your Letter of Interest.

    Firms that submit a Le​​tter of Interest (LOI) as part of a team must be individually prequalified for the type of work they wish to perform, whether they are acting as the lead consultant or as a subconsultant.

    Prequalification may be done for all the offices of the firm under one application in lieu of having each office prequalified separately. If an office is approved for a discipline of work, then all offices are considered approved for that discipline of work.

    The following information is required for each submittal:

    Business License(s) for Firm and Employees.
    Resumes of Key Employees and One Officer.
    Update Business License(s).
    Update Business License(s).
    Update Key Employees. 

    Once your company is prequalified, it is not considered prequalified indefinitely. You must renew annually and requalify every three years. The purpose of the annual renewal is to make sure all of your license(s) have been updated.

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