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    Private consulting firms that desire to perform work or services for the Department must be prequalified to perform that type of work prior to submitting their Letter of Interest. However, if the advertisement allows, you may submit your prequalification application at the same time as your Letter of Interest.
    Firms that submit a Letter of Interest as part of a team must be individually prequalified for the type of work they wish to perform, whether they are acting as the lead consultant or as a subconsultant.
    Prequalification may be done for all the offices of the firm under one application in lieu of having each office prequalified separately. If an office is approved for a discipline of work, then all offices are considered approved for that discipline of work.
    All applications for prequalification must be completed online. When you apply online, select the Private Consultant option even if you will be performing as a Subconsultant. The Bidder/Prime and Subcontractor options offered on our web application are referring only to contractors who work in construction or maintenance (highways, airports, etc.) They are not for consulting services.
    Prequalification — Step One
    To apply for prequalification, you will need to obtain an North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) user ID. If you do not have and NCID account, go to the NCID Web Site and select the Business Account option for new user account type.
    Prequalification — Step Two
    Next, you'll need to have your NCID User ID approved.
    To do so, please list the following information on your company's letterhead:
    • NCID User ID
    • Your name
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact e-mail
    • Company/Business name
    • Tax ID for the company or business you wish to access
    • Name, title and signature of an officer of the firm
    Send that information to:
    NCDOT Contractual Services Unit
    Attn:  Phyllis Scudder
    1509 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1509
    You can also fax your request to (919) 250-4127.
    If you have any prequalification-related questions, please Contact Us.
    Prequalification — Step Three
    Once your NCID User ID has been approved, go to the Online Prequalification System and login to complete your application.
    Click on "Look Up" to search for your firm. When you find it, click on it and then select what type of application you wish to complete. Click "Next" and complete the information on your screen.
    Why is prequalification necessary?
    Prequalification is necessary to ensure that you have sufficient ability and experience to do the work specified in NCDOT contracts. Only letters of interest from prequalified private consulting firms can be accepted when a contract is advertised.
    Once your firm is approved, its name will show up in the Department's Directory of Firms as a Prequalified Consultant.
    Once your company is prequalified, it is not considered prequalified indefinitely. You must re-qualify every three years. You must also renew your firm's status every year. The purpose of the three year requalification is to make sure the Department has current information regarding your firm’s staffing and license information. Samples of work may be required for disciplines to be reapproved. 
    The Department no longer accepts paper applications for Private Consulting Firms. All firms wishing to submit an application must submit their application through the Online Prequalification System. If you have any questions regarding prequalification as a Private Consulting Firm or about the Online Prequalification System, please contact Pon Phongsavath at (919) 707-4819.

    Next Steps After Prequalified

 List of Discipline Requirements

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