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Work Codes​

Only sele​​ct work codes your own forces can accomplish or that which you offer as a business service.
Do NOT select work codes that you subcontract​.
​  * = Copy of North Carolina License must be attached for this work code​​​​​​

Type of Work
Description of Work
Work Experience Last Five Years
Equipment List
Employee Requirements
Hauling (Gravel, Sand, Debris, etc. – Not Asphalt)
Transport non-asphalt material to and from the jobsite.
Rock Slope Stabilization  
This work code covers Rock Bolts, Rock Slope Scaling and Drapes, Rockfall Barriers, Etc. Contractors requesting approval of this work code should have successfully completed at least 150 tensioned rock bolts within the last 3 years.
5 projects within last 3 years
Equipment to access steep slopes.
Project Manager (5 years of continuous experience)
Superintendent (5 years of continuous experience)
Clearing and Grubbing
Cutting, removal and disposal of wooded and vegetative material, root mat, topsoil material high in organic content, and surface debris.
Sealing Non-Environmental Wells
Sealing abandoned wells in accordance with NCDENR requirements. Fill with cement grout or dry clay compacted in place. Complete and submit a certified well abandonment record.
Building Removal and Demolition
Demolition, removal, and disposal of an entire structure from the site including framing and structural elements. This work code does not include interior building demolition (e.g. removing interior walls).
This work code covers production, controlled, trim, trench and secondary blasting and pre-splitting.
5 projects within last 3 years
Blaster-In-Charge (5 years of continuous experience)
Roadway Grading and Excavation
Excavate and dispose of existing material encountered within the limits of work and place and compact desired material to final grade and specified density. Acceptable work experience for this work code includes streets and highways only (no parking lots, driveways, access roads, pedestrian pathways, or building foundations).
Pipe Culvert & Storm Drain Installation
Furnish and install approved drainage pipe materials, pipe tees, and elbows. Place bedding, backfill material and compact backfill material to specified density.
Chemical Soil Stabilization
Treat the subgrade, embankment, or natural ground by adding water, portland cement, aggregate or lime and mixing and compacting the mixture to the required density.
Aggregate Base Course
Constructing an aggregate roadway base course shaped and compacted to required density. Acceptable work experience for this work code includes streets and highways only (no parking lots, driveways, access roads, or pedestrian pathways).
Shoulder Construction
This work code covers the formation or reshaping of roadway shoulders or ditches, building or removing haul roads, and disposal of stockpile material.
*Construction Surveying
Provide all construction layout, surveying, stakeout, and supplemental surveying of construction operations in accordance with Standard Specifications and the Manual for Construction Layout. Companies approved for this code must provide the company's North Carolina Surveying license number, the names of the individual(s) performing the surveying for the company, and their respective North Carolina license number(s).
Fence Installation
Furnish and erect woven wire, chain link or barbed wire fence. Contractor is responsible for clearing and grubbing the fence line as necessary, setting posts and braces, and installing chain link or wire to fence posts.
Stream Restoration and Construction
Contractors requesting this work code should provide at least 2 (minimum 1000 LF each) or 1 (minimum 2500 LF)stream restoration, relocation or enhancement projects that included channel reconstruction or relocation based upon natural geomorphic designs incorporating in-stream structures (i.e., rock cross vanes, rock vanes, j-hook vanes, rootwads, etc.). Include name of project, linear feet of stream, completion date, owner of the project and a description of work involved with the project.
Temporary Silt Fence
Furnish material, construct, maintain, and remove temporary silt dence in locations shown on the plans using geotextile fabric with steel or wooden posts and woven wire fence.
Silt Detention Device (Silt Basin)
Excavate and dispose of excavated material in the construction of the silt basins. Clean out and maintain the silt basin through the duration of the project.
Selective Vegetation Removal
Remove selected living trees and undesirable living undergrowth from areas within the right-of-way but outside clearing limits of a contract. Due to working in limited space, proper completion of this work code will be done using hand tools and not heavy equipment.
Seeding and Mulching
Prepare seedbed by removing weeds, furnish, place and incorporate limestone, fertilizer, and seed by mechanical methods; compact seedbed; furnish, place, and secure mulch, and mow for the permanent establishment of vegetation.
Landscape Planting
Furnish, deliver, and plant trees, shrubs, ground covers, bedding plants and seedlings. Planting includes bed preparation, plant establishment, and replacement planting.
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