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Work Codes​

Only sele​​ct work codes your own forces can accomplish or that which you offer as a business service.
Do NOT select work codes that you subcontract​.
​  * = Copy of North Carolina License must be attached for this work code​​​​​​

Type of Work
Description of Work
Work Experience Last Five Years
Equipment List
Employee Requirements
Perform mowing of grass on state right-of-way along interstate, state routes, and secondary routes along the limits identified in the contract.
Disaster Debris Removal
Bidder: Previous work experience must include experience working as debris removal operation under a federally or state declared disaster, including contact information for the project(s), equipment to perform the work, an up to date financial statement and an explanation as to how your company would contribute to help NCDOT clean up after a natural disaster. Subcontractor: Must submit a list of equipment to perform the work and a list of previous work experience related to debris removal operations.
Cut and Shove
Provide a crew(s) to perform cut and shove work for emergency tree and debris clearing from State-Maintained roadways in accordance with contract specifications.
Minimum equipment chainsaws and backhoes with 4 in 1 bucket or comparable piece of
mechanical equipment

​Street Sweeping

​This item consists of the sweeping, cleaning and removal of any foreign matter by brooming, suction or other approved method from designated pavement areas, paved shoulders adjacent to the travel lanes, paved shoulders next to barrier walls, curb and gutter, ramps, gore areas, and transitions from hard surfaces to grass areas.

​All sweepers shall have a minimum capacity of (4) four cubic yards and be equipped with adequate water systems for dust control. All sweepers shall be equipped with dual steering and dual brooms.

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