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Work Codes​

Only sele​​ct work codes your own forces can accomplish or that which you offer as a business service.
Do NOT select work codes that you subcontract​.
​  * = Copy of North Carolina License must be attached for this work code​​​​​​

Type of Work
Description of Work
Work Experience Last Five Years
Equipment List
Employee Requirements
Vessel Construction (Ferry)
Construction of Passenger and Vehicle Ferries. Includes all subsystems (navigation, electronics, plumbing, etc.).
Vessel Repair (Ferry)
Repair of Passenger and Vehicle Ferries. Includes all subsystems (navigation, electronics, plumbing, etc.).
Emergency Vessel Repairs, Haul Outs, and/or Maintenance
Activities or tasks related to emergency repairs or haul outs of vessels
- Welding, paint, machining, etc.
Emergency haul outs due to storms or other reasons
Marine repair and quality assurance experience.
Must have space and facilities
USCG approved welding procedures for steel and aluminum
Marine Chemist - sub or on staff
Emergency dredging services for terminals across the Division for work to be performed. Hydrographic and land surveying and volume calculations.
Hydraulic / Geotechnical Engineers / Hydrographic and Land Survey

​Piling and Bulkhead Repair, Installation & Maintenance​


​The repair, maintenance, and installation of pilings and bulkheads at any of the NCDOT Ferry Division terminals. Pilings can range from 25' - 75' and are either wood or metal tubes. Work also includes the repair, maintenance, and installation of fender systems around piling clusters. Bulkheads are normally sheet pile material that is located along the edge of the ferry basin.

​Work related to the description.

​Vibratory hammer or other equipment sufficient to drive materials to suitable depth, floating dock or crane, ability to fit equipment into compact slip areas.

​Experience with driving pilings, metal tubes, bulkheads, etc. along the coast of North Carolina. ​

​Repair and Maintenance of ramp and gantry systems


​The repair and maintenance of ramp and gantry systems at any of the NCDOT Ferry Division terminals. This work can include but is not limited to troubleshooting operating issues with cable pulley systems or hydraulic cylinder operations, repair and maintenance of sheaves and wire cables, repair and maintenance of hydraulic or other cylinders, general maintenance and repair of assets, electrical troubleshooting and repair, sandblasting and painting of system, ability to perform overhauls of the asset. 

​Not all work listed in the description is needed for experience and pre-qual. 

​Crane or boom truck, electrical testing devices, general repair and maintenance materials, welding machine or ability to rent.

​Experience with ramp systems or similar such as swing bridges or other relevant systems​.

Dock/Pier Construction
Install a dock or pier for use by the Department's ferry fleet and by the North Carolina State Ports Authority. Contractor shall be responsible for driving piers, sheet piling, building ramps, abutments, etc.
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