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Work Codes​

Only sele​​ct work codes your own forces can accomplish or that which you offer as a business service.
Do NOT select work codes that you subcontract​.
​  * = Copy of North Carolina License must be attached for this work code​​​​​​

Type of Work
Description of Work
Work Experience Last Five Years
Equipment List
Employee Requirements
This work code covers any work that does not fall under another work code in this list. If you wish to be approved for this work code, you must specify the exact work that you wish to be approved to perform.
Incidental Concrete Construction
Construct portland cement concrete other than concrete elements covered in work codes 710, 711, 840, 846, 848, and 854.
Brick Masonry Construction
Construct unreinforced brick masonry structures within the public right-of-way. This work code does not cover cast-in-place minor drainage structures listed under work code 840.
Minor Drainage Structures (Drop Inlets, Catch Basins, etc.)
Perform excavation, removal of existing pipe (if applicable), furnishing of new pipe and/or precast drainage structure (or concrete block and mortar) and installation with necessary metal grates, covers, steps and other hardware as shown on the plans.
Curb and Gutter/Shoulder Berm Gutter
Construct portland cement concrete curb, curb and gutter, concrete gutter, shoulder berm gutter, expressway gutter, and valley gutter.
Sidewalk, Driveways, and Wheelchair Ramps
Construct portland cement concrete sidewalk, driveway approach apron, and wheelchair ramps.

​Concrete Barrier​


​Construct portland cement concrete barrier using cast-in-place, slip formed, or precast construction methods. This work code covers concrete barrier on roadways only (typically concrete median barrier) and does not cover concrete barrier on bridge decks or modular concrete "jersey barrier". 

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