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Work Codes​

Only sele​​ct work codes your own forces can accomplish or that which you offer as a business service.
Do NOT select work codes that you subcontract​.
​  * = Copy of North Carolina License must be attached for this work code​​​​​​

Type of Work
Description of Work
Work Experience Last Five Years
Equipment List
Employee Requirements
Track Construction
Grade Crossing Signal Systems
Train Control Signal and Communication Systems
Railroad Electrical Traction Systems
Track Maintenance/Rehabilitation
Timber Structures (Bridge)
Railroad Signage
At-Grade Crossing Surfaces
Right-of-Way Prime Contractor
Within the last 5 years, the applicant must have been a prime contractor on two (2) railroad roadbed projects parallel and adjacent to active main track on a Class I Railroad. NCDOT may also consider comparable experience on projects parallel and adjacent to track operating at 45MPH or above. These projects must have been at least $4 million in project cost. Within the last 5 years the applicant must have had at least one project (does not have to be one of the 2 above) that was within or over railroad right-of-way and involved a rail flagger. Experience will be qualified based on current employment of field supervisory staff for projects listed.
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