Registration Information

If this is the first time you are accessing NCDOT On-The-Job training forms, and you do not have an NCID; you are required to register to create an NCID account. Please refer to the instructions below. You will also be required to get permission to acc​ess the site once you have created your NCID account.

The Registration process has two major steps:
  1. Create a North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) account if you do not have one. NCID is an identity management and access service provided to state, local, business & individual users. NCDOT uses NCID accounts to provide secure access to non-public parts of the NCDOT website. If you do not have an account, follow these instructions to:
  2. Register your NCID for access to NCDOT OJT Forms. Please provide your
    • NCID Business ID
    • Full  Name
    • Title
    • Email address
    • Contractor Name​

 Access OTJ Training Forms

Once Registered, Login to the North Carolina Department of Transportation On–The-Job Training site and access OTJ forms.


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