• Constructability Review Program

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    The primary purpose of the Constructability Review Program (CRP) is to gather a diverse team of experienced engineers and construction contractors to identify, examine, and resolve constructability challenges before a project is let for construction. The discussion and recommendations developed during Constructability Reviews (CR) are primarily focused on ensuring that the project’s design is constructible. Examples of Constructability issues are utility locations, bridge construction, phasing, hydraulic conflicts, urban areas, etc. Constructability Reviews can include external stakeholders, such as municipalities.

    Constructability Reviews generally take several hours, as they include an on-site or virtual site visit at the project location and a meeting to review plan sheets and discuss options. Our office, once contacted, can arrange a constructability review within 3 weeks if necessary. However, if you have a request for less than two weeks we can work with you to make that happen. Constructability Reviews can take place for any project.

    A list of past Constructability Reviews and issues can be found on Past CR Reviews. To request a review, contact the program leads below. 

    The Constructability Review Program has an open research project going on at this time which has developed the Constructability Review Checklist that is being programmed into the IPD effort. The research is ongoing and is looking to quantify the risks associated with the checklist items and develop a workflow for checking on the implementation of the ideas generated from the Constructability Review. Ultimately, all lessons learned will be incl​uded in the CLEAR program. 

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    If you have any questions or other inquiries regarding the Constructability Review Program, 
    please contact: valuemanagementunit@ncdot.gov 
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