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    The purpose of the Value Engineering Program (VEP) is to meet the expectations set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 23, Chapter 1, Part 627 (Code). This Code requires States to utilize a "systematic application of recognized techniques by a multi‐disciplined team to identify the function of a product or service, establish a worth for that function, generate alternatives through the use of creative thinking, and provide the needed functions to accomplish the original purpose of the project, reliably, and at the lowest life‐cycle cost without sacrificing safety, necessary quality, and environmental attributes of the project." The Value Engineering (VE) study is completed during the planning or design phase with experts looking specifically at ways to improve the design. In addition, the VEP is dedicated to upholding the NCDOT policy to design, construct and maintain the State Highway System in the most cost‐effective and efficient manner possible.

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    To initiate these discussions for the upcoming Federal Fiscal Year (FFY), the VEP develops an annual Value Engineer (VE) Study List each year. The VE Study List is compiled based on the requirements outlined in the CFR.

    Other projects may be added to the initial list if the project has been recommended by the Department. It is a goal of the VEP to conduct VE Studies prior to the Right‐of‐Way (ROW) Date when at all possible. Design-Build projects are eligible for VE studies but are not required regardless of dollar amount.

    Once the State Value Management Engineer and the Value Management Office (VMO) Engineer finalize the list of projects, tentative dates for the VE Studies are selected. The date selected is based on the Let Date ensuring the projects with the earliest Let Dates are scheduled first.

    If you have any questions or other inquiries regarding the Value Engineering Program, please contact: valuemanagementunit@ncdot.gov
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