• Cost Containment


    Each Project Team should consider Cost Containment measures to reduce the Construction and longterm Maintenance costs for a project in Development. These costs may include direct Construction costs, Right of Way costs, and Utility relocation costs. 

    A Value Assessment may be completed by a GESC firm not directly involved in the project to work towards a goal of developing recommendations for consideration that would reduce the overall project cost by 10%. These recommendations should be tracked on the Cost Containment Worksheet (CCW) found on this page. The CCW should be posted on the project SharePoint site in the Value Management Library. 

    The following activities are recommended steps to assist in achieving the goal of 10% in recommended savings. 

    1. Reviewing project information, identify the purpose and need, complete a project breakdown to identify the project attributes, stakeholders, commitments, etc. 
    2. Brainstorm potential cost savings ideas. 
    3. Evaluate the ideas for feasibility, cost savings, and if the project will still meet the purpose and need. 
    4. Develop the recommended ideas that move forward to allow the project team to make a selection for incorporation into the project. 

    Cost Containment is important to ensure we are fiscally responsible and better meet our programming goals for the benefit of North Carolina. 

    For questions, contact the Value Management Office at valuemanagementunit@ncdot.gov

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