• ​​Electronic Ticketing Initiative
    Coming So​on!

    In efforts to move further into E-Construction, NCDOT is in the process of developing an Electronic Ticketing (E-Ticketing) system that is guided by the below objectives: 

    1. We don’t want to require or mandate that a supplier use a specific E-Ticketing vendor
    2. We do want a standard, consistent, and reliable E-Ticketing process
    3. We don't want this transition to bring undue burden to suppliers

    Based upon the above, NCDOT has decided to develop its own custom E-ticketing solution.  At a high level, this will simply require that each supplier load-out software connect to our NCDOT E-Ticketing portal (via API connection provided by NCDOT) and feed e-ticket data to us in real-time.  

    In efforts to address item 3 above, NCDOT is in the process of bringing on board a vendor who will serve as on-call help for any suppliers who may need help with connecting/sending e-ticket data to our portal.  No supplier will be required to use the vendor.   The only requirement will be that we need to receive the data to our portal in real time (or near real time).  

    Note:  Regarding the vendor assistance, we are still in the procurement phase and defining the requirements for what we need from a vendor.   Once this is finalized, a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) will be advertised publicly.    There is not a definite timetable at the moment for when this RFP will be posted.  

    In the meantime, we are beginning to formally pilot our solution with at least two projects kicking off this May of 2023.

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