• CLEAR Program


    The CLEAR Program stands for Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record. 

    CLEAR is an internally-developed knowledge management program that gives voice to every NCDOT employee. It promotes cross-unit communication, sharing of best practices, and organizational enhancements through an easy to use technical platform.​

    To submit a lesson, idea, or request for a solution, a Department employee would go to the CLEAR SharePoint site and fill out necessary and relevant information through an online form; the form auto‐fills some project information and attachments such as photos or documents can be included in the submission. Prior to being posted in a searchable database, these lessons and practices are vetted by the Expert Review Panel (ERP), made up of personnel in the Department who are leaders in their respective fields, and have the ability to inform and make policy changes relevant to their units or offices.  

    Once the form is complete, the submission goes to the Gatekeeper in the Value Management Office. The Gatekeeper reviews the submission to make sure it is complete and relevant. The submission is then sent off to the ERP for thorough review and vetting. Once the submission is accepted, it populates the database. The database is searchable by key words and further functions such as filtering by county, division, project type.
    This program aims to create feedback loops within the Department between operations, maintenance, construction, design, and planning and also hopes to collect and store institutional knowledge. The program was developed by the Value Management Office in conjunction with researchers from NC State and through discussions, interviews, and surveys with personnel throughout the Department. 

    The CLEAR Program was showcased at the FHWA EDC-6 Showcase on Day 1, you can watch it throughout December 2021 by going here; Every Day Counts Virtual Summit-Presented by the Federal Highway Administration (labroots.com)​. 

    Refer all CLEAR submission inquiries to the CLEAR email:

    CLEAR Website: 

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