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    CLEAR-TopImage.jpg CLEAR is an internally-developed knowledge management program that gives voice to every NCDOT employee. It promotes cross-unit communication, sharing of best practices, and organizational enhancements through an easy to use technical platform.​

    CLEAR (Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record) works to take employee generated​ ideas, solutions, best practices, lessons learned and turned them into Department benefits through various knowledge management programming efforts. Part of the CLEAR program includes the CLEAR Portal that is used to submit a lesson, idea, or request for a solution. A Department employee would go to the CLEAR SharePoint site and fill out necessary and relevant information through an online form. Following a vetting process, theses submissions are added to a repository so that we can keep a record of the knowledge shared. These ideas can be searched by personnel to implement onto projects or programs; they can become a part of our collective Departmental historical knowledge; and using data analysis tools they can be used to look for trends and predict future issues.

    ​The CLEAR team then works to move these ideas into implemented initiatives - both big and small submissions go through the steps needed to close feedback loops and create organizational knowledge that enhances our overall efforts. This is done through the Experts, Innovation Coordinators, and Technical Advisory Groups. The above image shows the status of October 5, 2011​.​ More information on how this works can be found in the videos and documents on the right including how the program was developed by the Value Management Office in conjunction with researchers from NC State and through discussions, interviews, and surveys with personnel throughout the Department. ​​

    2020 Highlights

    The CLEAR Program's portal was completed in 2020 in addition to the onboarding of the Innovation Coordination. Additionally, CLEAR is going through a systematic roll out to the Department which began in 2020 with the onboarding of 17 units and was showcased at the FHWA EDC-6 Showcase on Day 1, you can watch it throughout December 2021 by going here; Every Day Counts Virtual Summit-Presented by the Federal Highway Administration (labroots.com)​. 

    2021 Goals

    The CLEAR Program​'s focus in 2021 is to improve the knowledge transfer of ideas. The team is working to enhance how the information captured and vetted in CLEAR is implemented into regular daily work activities. This includes an AI effort that will automatically identify key words in feasibility study documents that will return relevant lessons learned shared from Construction and Maintenance that are store in the CLEAR database. Then NCDOT units can apply these lessons learned to projects during project development. Lessons Learned from Construction will be collected through both targeted post construction assessments and everyday engagement. Additionally, dash-boarding through Tableau is being developed to analyze the data being captured through CLEAR. The program was showcased at the 100th Annual TRB Conference, information shared can be found on the right side of this page. 

    Additional Valuable Information

    The NCDOT Research Department published a report - Minorities in Transportation Technology Initiative - Project Details (ncdot.gov)​. This report gives findings on the current landscape and how to engage minorities in transportation technology moving forward. The report findings were presented at a WTS Event on January 19th 2021 followed by a panel discussions. 

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