AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation OfficialsRoadway Design References
ABANDAbandonedRight of Way Plans
ABCAggregate Base CoursePavement Schedule
ACAcreRight of Way Plans
ACBCAsphalt Concrete Base CoursePavement Schedule
ACICAsphalt Concrete Intermediate CoursePavement Schedule
ACSAuxiliary Coordinate SystemMicrostation Attribute
ACSCAsphalt Concrete Surface CoursePavement Schedule
ADArterial Design Side SlopeCriteria
ADTAverage Daily TrafficTraffic Diagram
AECAreas of Enviromental ConcernCoastal Permits
AHAheadRoadway Plans
AP or APPRApproachRoadway Plans
ASPHAsphaltRoadway Plans
ASTAsphalt Surface TreatmentPavement Schedule
AT-1Anchor TerminalRoadway Plans
AZAzimuthAngle System
BBridge Projects (B-1234)TIP Projects
BEGBeginRoadway Plans
BICBuried in CutRoadway Plans
BKBackRoadway Plans
BLBase LineBase Mapping
BMBench MarkRoadway Profiles
BRGBridgeRoadway Plans
BSBacksightGeodetic Survey
BSTBituminous Surface TreatmentPavement Schedule
BWBarrier Wall or Barbed Wire (Fence)Roadway Plans
CCongestion Mitigation Projects (C-1234)TIP Projects
CAControl of AccessRight of Way Plans
CADDComputer Aided Design and DraftingSoftware
CAMACoastal Area Management ActCoastal Area Permits
CAT-1Cable Anchor TerminalRoadway Plans
CBCatch BasinHydraulic Plans
CBDCentral Business DistrictUrban Thoroughfare Plans
CCCenter of Curve or Compund CurveCOGO
CCC or 3CContinuing Comprehensive CooperativelyFederal Aid Criteria
CCFRCurb Cut for Future Wheelchair RampRoadway Plans
CCPCUACentral Coastal Plain Capacity Use AreaEnviromental Permits
CDCollector Distributor (Road)Roadway Plans
CECategorical ExclusionProject Studied Document
CG or C&GCurb and GutterRoadway Plans
CGIACenter for Geographic Information and AnalysisGIS Correspondent
CLCenter Line or Chain Linked (Fence)Roadway Plans
CMBConcrete Median BarrierRoadway Plans
CMPCorrugated Metal PipeHydraulic Plans
COGOCoordinate GeometryGeopak Software
CONCConcreteRoadway Plans
CONSTRConstructionRoadway Plans
CPControl Point or Cross PipeRoadway X-Sections
CRICriteriaRoadway X-Sections
CSCurve to SpiralRoadway Plans
CSPCorrugated Steel PipeHydraulic Plans
CTCenterRoadway Plans
CTBCCement Treated Base CoursePavement Schedule
DDirectional Movement Factor or Degree of CurveCapacity Analysis
DDEDrainage Ditch ExcavationEarthwork Computation
DENRDepartment of Enviromental and Natural ResourcesProject Correspondent
DHVDesign Hourly VolumeCapacity Analysis
DIDrop InletHydraulic Plans
DMDDouble Meridian DistanceSurvey Computations
DMVDivision of Motor VehiclesProject Correspondents
DOD(US) Department of DefenseGPS & Geodetic Survey
DOHDivision of HighwaysProject Correspondents
DOTDepartment of TransportionProject Correspondents
DTCDDrop Type Concrete DriveRoadway Plans
DTMDigital Terrain ModelingGeodetic Survey
DWQDivision of Water QualityNCDENR
EEast or Eastern or Easting | English | Enhancement Project Roadside (E-1234)Roadway Plans
EAEnviromental Assessment (Draft and Final)Project Studied Document
EBLEast Bound LaneRoadway Plans
EDMElectronic Distance MeasurementSurvey Procedures
EISEnviromental Impact Statement (Draft and Final)Project Studied Document
EMBEmbankmentEarthwork Computation
ElElevationRoadway Profiles
ENDEndingRoadway Plans
EOPEdge of PavementRoadway Plans
EOTEdge of TravelRoadway Plans
EPAEnviromental Protection AgencyProject Correspondent
ESALEquivalent Single Axial LoadPavement Management
ESTEstimatedRoadway Estimates
EWEarthworkRoadway X-Sections
EXCExcavationEarthwork Computation
EXISTExistingBase Mapping
FFerry Projects (F-1234)TIP Projects
FDFreeway Design ( Side Slope)Criteria
FEMAFederal Emergency Management AgencyProject Correspondent
FESFlared End SectionHydraulic Plans
FDPSFull Depth Paved ShoulderRoadway Typicals
FFFilter FabricHydraulic Pay Items
FFSFree Flow SpeedCapacity Analysis
FMISFiscal Management Information SystemProject Federal Funding
FHWAFederal Highway AdministrationProject Correspondent
FONSIFinding Of No Significant ImpactEA Result Documentation
FSForesightGeodetic Survey
FtFoot or FeetRoadway Plans
GDIGrated Drop InletHydraulic Plans
GIGrated InletHydraulic Plans
GISGeographic Information Systems (Unit)County Maps
GPGrade PointRoadway Typicals
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemGeodetic Survey
GRGuardrail or Gravel (Road)Roadway Plans
GSGeneral StatuteNC Law
GRAUGuardrail Anchor UnitRoadway Plans
HCMHighway Capacity ManualCapacity Analysis
HCSHighway Capacity SoftwareCapacity Analysis
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene (Pipe)Hydraulic Plans
HIHeight of InstrumentGeodetic Survey
HPMSHighway Performance Monitoring SystemGIS Data System
HTHeightRoadway Plans
HOVHigh Occupancy VehicleCongestion Management
HYDHydraulicHydraulic Files
IInterstate or Interstate Projects (I-1234)TIP Projects
IMAPIncident Management Assistance PatrolTraffic Control
ISTEAIntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency ActNational Statue
JBJunction BoxHydraulic Plans
JCTJunctionHighway Signs
KRest Area Projects (K-1234)TIP Projects
KMKilometerTitle Sheets
LCLong ChordCurve Composition
LEDPALeast Enviromentally Damaging Practicable AlternativeNEPA Merger Process
LDLocal Design (Side Slope)Criteria
L offLength of RunoffSuperelevation Data
L outLength of Tangent RunoutSuperelevation Data
LOCLocation and Surveys | Limits of ConstructionCorrespondence
LOSLevel of ServiceCapacity Analysis
LPLoop (-LPA-, -LPD-)Roadway Plans
LTLeftRoadway Plans
MMeter or Metric or Median Anchor Unit (M-350)Roadway Plans
MATMaterialRoadway Plans
MBTModified Bulb TeePrestressed Concrete Girder
MCIMonolithic Concrete IslandRoadway Plans
MDMiddleRoadway Plans
MDIMedian Drop Inlet | also see GDIHydraulic Plans
MDNDSMedian Ditch SlopeCriteria
MDSMasonry Drainage StructureHydraulic Plans
MEDMedianRoadway Plans
MHMan HoleHydraulic Plans
MIMileRoadway Title Sheet
MODModifiedRoadway Plans
MPHMile Per HourRoadway Title Sheet
MPO or MPOsMetropolitan Planning OrganizationsProject Correspondent
MRGMaximum Relative GradientGeodetic Survey
MSLMean Sea LevelGeodetic Survey
NNorth or Northern or NorthingRoadway Plans
NAAQSNational Ambient Air Quality StandardsEPA Standards
NADNorth American Datum (+ MSL datum year: NAD 83)North Arrows/Datum Description
NAVDNorth American Vertical DatumGeodetic Survey
NB(L)North Bound (Lane)Roadway Plans
NCNormal Crown or North Carolina (Route Number)Superelevation Data
NCACNorth Carolina Administrative CodeNCDOT Activity and Obligation
NCDENRNorth Carolina Department of Enviroment and National ResourcesProject Correspondent
NCDOTNorth Carolina Department of TransportationRoadway Plans
NCEESNational Council of Examiners for Engineering and SurveyingProfessional License
NDINarrow Slot Drop InletHydraulic Plans
NEPANational Enviromental Policy ActEnviromental Permits
NEUNatural Enviroment Unit - see also ONEEnviromental Permits
NHPNNational Highway Planning NetworkGIS Data System
NHSNational Highway SystemRoadway Plans
NTSNot to ScaleTitle Sheets
NTSBNational Transportation Safety BoardMaterials and Testings
O&DOrigin and Destination (Survey)Capacity Analysis
OGAFCOpen Graded Asphalt Friction CoursePavement Schedule
ONEOffice of Natural Enviroment - see also NEUEnviromental Permits
PPassenger Rail Projects (P-1234) or Passenger (Car)TIP Projects
PADLPermeable Asphalt Drainage LayerPavement Schedule
PCBBPrestressed Concrete Box Beam (Unit)Structure Plans
PDEPermanent Drainage EasementRight of Way Plans
PDEA or PD&EAProject Development & Environmental Analysis (Unit)Project Studied Document
PDPSPartial Depth Paved ShoulderRoadway Typicals
PEProfessional Engineer or Project EngineerProject Managers and Designers
PEFPrivate Engineering FirmsProject Correspondents
PGLProfile Grade LineSuperelevation Data
PHFPeak Hour FactorCapacity Analysis
PIPont of IntersectionRoadway Plans
PINCPoint of Intersection No CurveRoadway Plans
PISPoint of Intersection for SpiralsRoadway Plans
PLSProfessional Land SurveyorProject Correspondents
POCPoint on CurveRoadway Plans
POTPoint on TangentRoadway Plans
PRO or PFLProfileRoadway Profile
PRCPoint of Reverse CurveRoadway Plans
PRS or RSPoint of Reverse SpiralRoadway Plans
PROPProposedRoadway Plans
PSPaved Shoulder or Pavement Schedule (Cells)Roadway Typicals
PSHPlan SheetRoadway Plans
PTPoint of Tangency or PointRoadway Plans
PUEPermanent Utility EasementRight of Way Plans
PVCPoint on Vertical CurveRoadway Profile
PVIPoint of Vertical IntersectionRoadway Profile
PVMTPavementRoadway Plans
PVMT SCHLPavement SchedulePavement Schedule
PVTPoint of Vertical TangencyRoadway Profile
RRural Projects (R-1234) or RadiusTIP Projects
RCRemove Adverse Crown, Reverse Crown, or Reverse CurveRoadway Typicals
RCBCReinforced Concrete Box CulvertRoadway Plans
RCPReinforced Concrete PipeHydraulic Plans
RDMRoadway Design ManualDesign Criteria Worksheet
REINFReinforcedRoadway Plans
REMRemoveRoadway Plans
REPLReplaceRoadway Plans
RESURFResurfaceRoadway Profiles
RETRetainRoadway Plans
RODRecord of DecisionEIS Results Documentation
ROWRight of WayRight of Way Plans
RPRamp (-RPA-, -RPD-)Roadway Plans
RPORural Planning OrganizationsPlanning Correspondents
RRRailroad or Rip Rap or Rub RailRoadway Plans
RRR or 3RResurfacing, Restoration, and RehabilitationType of Roadway Project
RSReverse SpiralRoadway Plans
RTRightRoadway Plans
RTCDRadius Type Concrete DriveRoadway Plans
SSouth or Southern or Southing | Scenic Beautification Projects (S-1234)Roadway Plans
SABCSand Asphalt Base CoursePavement Schedule
SASCSand Asphalt Surface CoursePavement Schedule
SAUStructure Anchor UnitRoadway Plans
SBGShoulder Berm GutterRoadway Plans
SB (L)South Bound (Lane)Roadway Plans
SCSSpiral Curve SpiralCOGO
SESuper Elevation (Rate)Roadway Plans
SEPAState Environmental Policy ActProject Permits
SISysteme International (French) | Hazard Elimination Projects (SI-1234)Pavement Schedule
SPShear Point or Super PavePavement Schedule
SPDShear Point DiagramRoadway Plans
SPDISingle Point Diamond InterchangeInterchange Design
SPISpiralRoadway Plans
SPUISingle Point Urban InterchangeInterchange Design
SRService Road or Secondary RoadRoadway Plans
SSSlope StakesRoadway Plans
STSpiral to Tangent (Point)Roadway Plans
STAStationRoadway Plans
STBCSoil Type Base CoursePavement Schedule
STDStandardDrawing Standards
STIPStatewide Transportation Improvement ProgramBoard Approval Process
STRStructureRoadway Plans
SRECStruture RecomendationsStruture Recomendations
SUESubsurface Utility EngineeringSymbology Sheet
SUTSingle Unit TruckCapacity Analysis
SYBSymbolSymbology Sheet
TTangent or Truck Volume (ADT)Title Sheet
TBTraffic BearingHydraulic Plans
TBDITraffic Bearing Drop InletHydraulic Plans
TBJBTraffic Bearing Juction BoxHydraulic Plans
TBMTemporary Bench MarkGeodetic Survey
TCETemporary Construction EasementRight of Way Plans
TDETemporary Drainage EasementRight of Way Plans
TDITight Diamond InterchangeInterchange Design
TEMPTemporaryRoadway Plans
TERMTerminatorRoadway Cells
TESTerminal End SectionRoadway Plans
TINTriangulated Irregular NetworkGeopak Resource
TIPTransportation Improvement ProgramRoadway Plans
TPTurning PointGeodetic Survey
TRTrailingRoadway Plans
TSTangent to Spiral (Point) or Typical SectionRoadway Plans
TSHTitle SheetRoadway Plans
TTTurning TemplateRoadway Cells
TTSTTractor Trailor Semi TruckTitle Sheet
TYPTypicalRoadway Plans
V(Velocity) Design SpeedTitle Sheets
WWest or Western or Westing | Hazard Elimination Projects (W-1234)Roadway Plans
WBWheel BaseAutoTurn Analysis
WBLWest Bound LaneRoadway Plans
WCCWheelchair Ramp Curb CutRoadway Plans
WCRWheelchair RampRoadway Plans
WLBWetland Limit BoundaryWetland Correspondents
WWWoven Wire (Fence) or Wing WallRoadway Plans
XS or XSECTCross SectionRoadway X-Section
YPassenger Rail Projects (Y-1234)TIP Projects
ZPassenger Rail Projects (Z-1234)TIP Projects
at grade intersection
average daily traffic (ADT)
base course
binder course
broken back curves
common excavation
degree of curve (D)
dependent shape
drainage ditch excavation
geopak shape
grade point
grade separation
graded shoulder section
independent shape
maximum relative gradient (MRG)
roadway ditch
roof top
spiral curve
subgrade excavation
subsoil excavation
"suicide" lane
trench shoulder section
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