• External Users – Create a Business NCID

    New External Users will need a BUSINESS NCID to access Connect NCDOT sites.  An individual NCID will not work properly for access to Connect NCDOT sites.   A State & Local NCID will work.  Follow these steps to create your Business NCID and access to the Encroachment Submissions site.

    1. Click this link to create your Business NCID:  https://myncid.nc.gov 
    2. An NCID confirmation email will be received.  Please check your email to complete the registration process or you will have to re-register again after 3 days. Follow the link in the email to confirm your email address.
    3. Once your NCID is synced and added to the DOT site you will receive another email letting you know you have been added and You must then follow the link in the email to change your password BEFORE YOU CAN ACCESS the DOT site.

    4. Important:  Complete Steps 1 and 2 before requesting access. ​
      Step 3 will be done after you have been synced and added to the DOT site and must be done before you can access the site.

    Request PCA Site Contribution Access

    This is required for all Assessment Participants (internal and external NCDOT participants). Please fill out the following form to be granted contributor rights to the assessment. All internal NCDOT employees have READ access to all projects.
    I​mportant:  This process is not aut​​omated.  Please allow two business days to process your request.

    You will receive an email notification when access has been granted, or if additional information is required.​

Post Construction Assessments

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