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5/27/202010:30am - 12:00pmCompleted

Bryan Edwards demonstrates the basic process for comparing the Contractor 3d model agains the Design 3d model.   You will learn the basic tools of using TBC to compare the two models and identify differences.  The objective is to be able to confidently assess (approve, reject) the model provided by the Contractor


​Wiley Jones discusses how and why to take the Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness training on the Learning Management System to keep our staff and construction crews safe from the silica dust hazard.

7/10/201910:00AM - 12:00PMCompleted

​Troy Brooks discusses when and how to write a binding Supplemental Agreement.


​Information on new upload system in Sharepoint for how REs can submit FHWA 1391s to Office of Civil Rights.

5/15/20191:30PM - 3:30PMCompleted

​Bobby Watkins reviewed the iPad apps and Share+ interfaces to easily copy an​d paste MRR information between systems.

4/10/201910:00AM - 12:00PMCompleted

​The steps needed to check that all the documentation is completed for project closeout, final estimate processing, the claims process, and how to provide feedback on the project to support future project improvements.

3/28/201910:00AM - 12:00PMCompleted

​Elllen Dickson discusses the latest updates on the Pay Record Pilot in Sharepoint.

2/14/20191:30PM - 3:30PMCompleted

This webinar reviewed recent changes to the DBE Replacement form and policy as well as the steps required to replace a DBE on a project.

1/17/20191:30PM - 3:30PM Completed

​Pam Carriker discusses how to receive materials and document the work throughout the project to set yourself up for a successful certification at the end of the project.

12/4/201810:00AM - 12:00PMCompleted
11/1/201810:00AM - 11:30AMCompleted

Because the Webinars are less than 4 hours, there is no formal NCDOT sponsored PDHs available.

However, it is possible to claim them yourself. We keep attendance records in the Learning Management System if validation of your attendance is required.
Comments or concerns about this should be directed to Natalie Roskam of the NCDOT Construction Unit at 919-707-2400.
8/29/20181:30PM - 3:30PMCompleted

2018 Construction Webinar Sharepoint Tips and Hints

5/17/20181:30PM - 3:00PMCompleted
3/29/201810:00AM - 11:00AMCompleted

​This webinar reviewed how to complete the Subcontractor Approval Form, how to verify Subcontractor status, how to enter Subcontractors into HiCAMS, how to verify Subcontractor payments, and common errors seen in subcontractor administration.


​Webinar held on Jan 23, 2017 to discuss steps and providing tips in authorizing contracts. 2017-01-23Contract Authorizations Webinar.mp4

11/20/201410:00 - 11:00 AM ESTCompleted

​This webinar was a presentation by the Materials and Tests Unit and covered the Project Certification process in HiCAMS. The Presentation is attached.

It will also include a demonstration of the >New< Enter MRR Mobile Data Entry window.

And the joke was on the presenter! The first Alternate ID entered was not available because someone was doing the same data entry in the Training Database while the demonstration was being done. Just like real life, the Alternate ID can only be assigned to one contract at a time.

9/18/201410:00 - 11:30 AM EDTCompleted

​​This webinar demonstrated how to work with Pay Adjustment Recommendations and create Estimates.

7/17/201410:00 - 11:30 AM EDTCompleted

​This webinar was a demonstration of how to enter Material Receipts, Pay Records, Tickets, and Material Prepayments. There were no handouts.

6/19/201410:00 - 11:30 EDTCompleted

During this webinar, we demonstrated how to enter Claims and Supplemental Agreements in HiCAMS. There were no handouts.



5/15/201410:00 - 11:30 AM EDTCompleted

​This webinar discussed entering Samples and Densities, and began the Contract Adjustments discussion (Other, Eliminated Contract Items, and Left Over Materials)

The QA Correlation Process handout is attached.
4/24/201410:00 - 11:30 AMCompleted

This webinar discussed the Review Subonctracts function and completing the Subcontractor Approval Form. 

3/20/201410:00 - 11:30 AM EDTCompleted

This webinar was an introduction to the Contract Maintenance functions including: Authorize Contracts, Activate Contracts (includes Contract BOM, Contract Times, and Indicators), View Line Item and WBS Line Item Details, and Review Work Items.

2/20/201410:00 - 11:30 AM ESTCompleted

​This webinar was a high level overview of the primary functions used for administration of a contract in HiCAMS.

The user guide for this session is available here: HiCAMS User Guides
Please see Chapter 01: Getting Started and find chapter 3 "New Users Contract Administration Guide"
Handouts (attached here) are a summary of the new HiCAMS Password Rules, and the Chris People's letter "Change to ABC Minimum Sampling Requirements"
11/21/201310:00 - 11:30 AMCompleted

This webinar covered how Administration of Design Build Contracts in HiCAMS differs from that of standard Bid-Build contracts.

The Design Build Contract Administration User Guide is found in Section One "Getting Started".
The Webinar 8 highlights handout is now attached to Webinar 8.

The answer to "Does a copy of the Table of Quantities and Schedule of Values need to be sent to M&T also? will be posted when answered.

10/17/201310:00 - 11:30 AMCompleted

​This webinar was presented by Randy Pace of Materials and Tests. Randy covered how M&T uses the Project Certification function and how Contract Administrators can work with Review Project Certification.

The Handout contains Highlights from the webinar. 

9/19/201310:00 - 11:30 AM Completed

​This webinar covered how to enter Samples and Densities, and Working with the Query Tool.

The Handout covers how Densities are Correlated.

8/15/201310:00 - 11:30 AMCompleted

This webinar covered Estimate Processing in HiCAMS.

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