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    Welcome to the NCDOT Construction Unit's New Web Format of the Construction Manual. This manual was developed to provide a more user-friendly, interactive and searchable format for our users. If a conflict arises between the Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures or contract documents and this manual, the specifications and contract documents will have precedence.


    ​03 Pipe
    For all other deformities outside of the ranges listed in Article 300-8, the Engineer will contact the State Materials and Tests Engineer for direction
    ​Records and Reports
    ​Final Estimate Assembly Preparation Procedures
    02.28.23​​ As- Constructed Plan Sheets for Structures added requirements for rehab/preservation projects and tip elevations for each drilled pier
    Records and Reports​​
    ​Final Inspection
    ​Added missing responsibility chart
    Records and Reports
    Trucking plans are required when DBE subcontractor is used to meet contract committments.
    02 Earthwork
    04 Major Structures
    07 Concrete Pavement
    14 Lighting
    15 Utilities
    220-3, 411-3,455-3, 724-1
    1400-11, 1550-3       
    Defines​ who should be attending the pre-operation meeting
    10 Materials
          1019 SHOULDER AND SLOP​E MATERIAL​       
    08.12.2022​New Section: contact Roadside Environmental Unit for recommendations to lower pH below 7.0.
    07 Concrete Pavement
     724 NONWOVEN GEOTEXTILE INTERLAYER​           ​08.12.2022
    New section: nonwoven geotextile interlayer

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