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    Welcome to the NCDOT Construction Unit's New Web Format of the Construction Manual. This manual was developed to provide a more user-friendly, interactive and searchable format for our users. If a conflict arises between the Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures or contract documents and this manual, the specifications and contract documents will have precedence.

    Div 1107-22​07/01/2015Updated to reflect current processes for Resident Engineer or their representative

    • Links are located throughout the manual in red font. When you hover over the letters in red, the words in the link will display as underlined. Click on this example of a link to the Construction Unit webpage. Links will open in another tab, so the user can have the manual and the selected link open at the same time for their use. 
    • A dropdown menu located on the left hand side of the manual allows for quick access to divisions and sections.
    • After selecting a section from the dropdown menu, the Table of Contents for that section will display. Use the links in the Table of Contents to access specific sub-sections.
    • Top of Page links are located after each sub-section to quickly get you back to the Table of Contents.
    • Links to the Standard Specifications of Roads and Bridges and the Standard Roadway Drawings are conveniently located in each section under the Table of Contents for your use in conjunction with the Construction Manual.
    • Technician's Checklists can be found at the bottom of applicable sections in the Additional Resources tab. A quick link to the Additional Resources tab is located at the bottom of applicable sections table of contents. Opening the checklists by right-clicking on the pdf and choosing to open in new tab is recommended. This will allow the user to have the manual and checklist open at the same time for their use.
    • Use the search function within the manual located on the top left hand side of the page above the dropdown menu, to quickly search for specific words or topics.
    • If you have any questions or comments on how we can improve the Construction Manual please contact us through the Contact Form in the top right corner of this page. A representative from the Construction Unit will contact you accordingly.

 Construction Manual (PDF)

C202778.pdfC202778B-4288TransylvaniaDivision 14C2027787/29/2015
C203395.pdfC203395B4591Division 03C2033957/29/2015
C203349.pdfC203349B-4701AlleghanyDivision 11C2033497/29/2015
C203432.pdfC203432Division 04C2034327/28/2015
C203258.pdfC203258B-4730ChathamDivision 08C2032587/28/2015
C201166.pdfC201166B-3480JacksonDivision 14C2011666/29/2015
C202840 REVISED.pdfC202840 REVISEDB-3861JacksonDivision 14C2028406/29/2015
C203257.pdfC203257B-4401AlamanceDivision 07C2032576/29/2015
C203308.pdfC203308B4734ClayDivision 14C2033086/29/2015
C203243.pdfC203243I-5214ADivision 14C2032436/29/2015
C202820.pdfC202820U-2211BCaldwellDivision 11C2028206/29/2015
C202565.pdfC202565U-5204CaldwellDivision 11C2025656/29/2015
C203159.pdfC203159B-4957GuilfordDivision 07C2031596/9/2015
C203156.pdfC203156B-4643StanlyDivision 10C2031566/8/2015
C202886 REVISED.pdfC202886 REVISEDU-3324MooreDivision 08C2028866/8/2015
C202950.pdfC202950B-4458CatawbaDivision 12C2029506/5/2015
C202266.pdfC202266U-3306OrangeDivision 07C2022666/4/2015
C202684.pdfC202684X-002BCCumberlandDivision 06C2026846/4/2015
C203150.pdfC203150B-4547HendersonDivision 14C2031506/2/2015
C203014.pdfC203014B-4752GastonDivision 12C2030146/2/2015
C203022.pdfC203022B-4817ScotlandDivision 08C2030226/2/2015
C203352.pdfC203352B-4988HendersonDivision 14C2033526/2/2015
C202924.pdfC202924N/ACherokeeDivision 14C2029246/2/2015
C203397.pdfC203397B-5164MooreDivision 06C2033975/26/2015
C203369.pdfC203369B-5167BuncombeDivision 13C2033695/26/2015
C202716.pdfC202716BD-5113CBuncombeDivision 13C2027165/26/2015
C202596.pdfC202596R-2533CCCabarrusDivision 10C2025965/26/2015
C203264.pdfC203264B-5135BurkeDivision 14C2032645/22/2015
C203355.pdfC203355B-5137StanlyDivision 10C2033555/22/2015
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