Policy Memorandums

Asphalt PAR Approval Process.pdf
9/13/2010R. A. Hancock, P.E
ARRA Local Project Oversight.pdf
9/10/2010J. G. Nance, P.E.
Division Let Dates.pdf
12/2/2011T. R. Gibson, P.E.
Purchase Order Contract SAs, Claims, and Project Overruns.pdf
10/23/2008W. S. Varnedoe, P.E.
Completing Projects on Time.pdf
9/8/2008W. S. Varnedoe, P.E.
Time Restrictions Contract Construction Projects.pdf
5/14/2010J. G. Nance, P.E.
NPDES Stormwater Inspections.pdf
6/24/2010J. G. Nance, P.E.
Bonding Requirements for Division Let Reports.pdf
10/18/2012T. R. Gibson, P.E.
Expanded Use of Warm Mix Asphalt.pdf
1/5/2011R. A. Hancock, P.E.
Revised Procedures for ICA Process.pdf
1/23/2012T. R. Gibson, P.E.
Salary Increases for Private Engineering Firm Personnel.pdf
8/6/2012R. A. Hancock, P.E.
TRNS PORT Implementation in Division and BMU.pdf
6/27/2011J. G. Nance, P.E., T. R. Gibson, P.E., V. Barbour, P.E.
Use of Borrow Material from Right of Way.pdf
1/10/2010R. A. Hancock, P.E.
Construction by State Forces on Federal Aid Projects.pdf
11/7/2012T. R. Gibson, P.E.
Revised Procedures for the ICA Process.pdf
1/23/2012T. R. Gibson, P.E.
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