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American Association of State Highway and Transportation OfficialsRoadway Design References
AbandonedRight of Way Plans
Aggregate Base CoursePavement Schedule
AcreRight of Way Plans
Asphalt Concrete Base CoursePavement Schedule
Asphalt Concrete Intermediate CoursePavement Schedule
Auxiliary Coordinate SystemMicrostation Attribute
Asphalt Concrete Surface CoursePavement Schedule
Arterial Design Side SlopeCriteria
Average Daily TrafficTraffic Diagram
Areas of Enviromental ConcernCoastal Permits
AheadRoadway Plans
ApproachRoadway Plans
AsphaltRoadway Plans
Asphalt Surface TreatmentPavement Schedule
Anchor TerminalRoadway Plans
AzimuthAngle System
Bridge Projects (B-1234)TIP Projects
BeginRoadway Plans
Buried in CutRoadway Plans
BackRoadway Plans
Base LineBase Mapping
Bench MarkRoadway Profiles
BridgeRoadway Plans
BacksightGeodetic Survey
Bituminous Surface TreatmentPavement Schedule
Barrier Wall or Barbed Wire (Fence)Roadway Plans
Congestion Mitigation Projects (C-1234)TIP Projects
Control of AccessRight of Way Plans
Computer Aided Design and DraftingSoftware
Coastal Area Management ActCoastal Area Permits
Cable Anchor TerminalRoadway Plans
Catch BasinHydraulic Plans
Central Business DistrictUrban Thoroughfare Plans
Center of Curve or Compund CurveCOGO
Continuing Comprehensive CooperativelyFederal Aid Criteria
Curb Cut for Future Wheelchair RampRoadway Plans
Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use AreaEnviromental Permits
Collector Distributor (Road)Roadway Plans
Categorical ExclusionProject Studied Document
Curb and GutterRoadway Plans
Center for Geographic Information and AnalysisGIS Correspondent
Center Line or Chain Linked (Fence)Roadway Plans
Concrete Median BarrierRoadway Plans
Corrugated Metal PipeHydraulic Plans
Coordinate GeometryGeopak Software
ConcreteRoadway Plans
ConstructionRoadway Plans
Control Point or Cross PipeRoadway X-Sections
CriteriaRoadway X-Sections
Curve to SpiralRoadway Plans
Corrugated Steel PipeHydraulic Plans
CenterRoadway Plans
Cement Treated Base CoursePavement Schedule
Directional Movement Factor or Degree of CurveCapacity Analysis
Drainage Ditch ExcavationEarthwork Computation
Department of Enviromental and Natural ResourcesProject Correspondent
Design Hourly VolumeCapacity Analysis
Drop InletHydraulic Plans
Double Meridian DistanceSurvey Computations
Division of Motor VehiclesProject Correspondents
(US) Department of DefenseGPS & Geodetic Survey
Division of HighwaysProject Correspondents
Department of TransportionProject Correspondents
Drop Type Concrete DriveRoadway Plans
Digital Terrain ModelingGeodetic Survey
Division of Water QualityNCDENR
East or Eastern or Easting | English | Enhancement Project Roadside (E-1234)Roadway Plans
Enviromental Assessment (Draft and Final)Project Studied Document
East Bound LaneRoadway Plans
Electronic Distance MeasurementSurvey Procedures
Enviromental Impact Statement (Draft and Final)Project Studied Document
EmbankmentEarthwork Computation
ElevationRoadway Profiles
EndingRoadway Plans
Edge of PavementRoadway Plans
Edge of TravelRoadway Plans
Enviromental Protection AgencyProject Correspondent
Equivalent Single Axial LoadPavement Management
EstimatedRoadway Estimates
EarthworkRoadway X-Sections
ExcavationEarthwork Computation
ExistingBase Mapping
Ferry Projects (F-1234)TIP Projects
Freeway Design ( Side Slope)Criteria
Federal Emergency Management AgencyProject Correspondent
Flared End SectionHydraulic Plans
Full Depth Paved ShoulderRoadway Typicals
Filter FabricHydraulic Pay Items
Free Flow SpeedCapacity Analysis
Fiscal Management Information SystemProject Federal Funding
Federal Highway AdministrationProject Correspondent
Finding Of No Significant ImpactEA Result Documentation
ForesightGeodetic Survey
Foot or FeetRoadway Plans
Grated Drop InletHydraulic Plans
Grated InletHydraulic Plans
Geographic Information Systems (Unit)County Maps
Grade PointRoadway Typicals
Global Positioning SystemGeodetic Survey
Guardrail or Gravel (Road)Roadway Plans
General StatuteNC Law
Guardrail Anchor UnitRoadway Plans
Highway Capacity ManualCapacity Analysis
Highway Capacity SoftwareCapacity Analysis
High Density Polyethylene (Pipe)Hydraulic Plans
Height of InstrumentGeodetic Survey
Highway Performance Monitoring SystemGIS Data System
HeightRoadway Plans
High Occupancy VehicleCongestion Management
HydraulicHydraulic Files
Interstate or Interstate Projects (I-1234)TIP Projects
Incident Management Assistance PatrolTraffic Control
Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency ActNational Statue
Junction BoxHydraulic Plans
JunctionHighway Signs
Rest Area Projects (K-1234)TIP Projects
KilometerTitle Sheets
Long ChordCurve Composition
Least Enviromentally Damaging Practicable AlternativeNEPA Merger Process
Local Design (Side Slope)Criteria
Length of RunoffSuperelevation Data
Length of Tangent RunoutSuperelevation Data
Location and Surveys | Limits of ConstructionCorrespondence
Level of ServiceCapacity Analysis
Loop (-LPA-, -LPD-)Roadway Plans
LeftRoadway Plans
Meter or Metric or Median Anchor Unit (M-350)Roadway Plans
MaterialRoadway Plans
Modified Bulb TeePrestressed Concrete Girder
Monolithic Concrete IslandRoadway Plans
MiddleRoadway Plans
Median Drop Inlet | also see GDIHydraulic Plans
Median Ditch SlopeCriteria
Masonry Drainage StructureHydraulic Plans
MedianRoadway Plans
Man HoleHydraulic Plans
MileRoadway Title Sheet
ModifiedRoadway Plans
Mile Per HourRoadway Title Sheet
Metropolitan Planning OrganizationsProject Correspondent
Maximum Relative GradientGeodetic Survey
Mean Sea LevelGeodetic Survey
North or Northern or NorthingRoadway Plans
National Ambient Air Quality StandardsEPA Standards
North American Datum (+ MSL datum year: NAD 83)North Arrows/Datum Description
North American Vertical DatumGeodetic Survey
North Bound (Lane)Roadway Plans
Normal Crown or North Carolina (Route Number)Superelevation Data
North Carolina Administrative CodeNCDOT Activity and Obligation
North Carolina Department of Enviroment and National ResourcesProject Correspondent
North Carolina Department of TransportationRoadway Plans
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and SurveyingProfessional License
Narrow Slot Drop InletHydraulic Plans
National Enviromental Policy ActEnviromental Permits
Natural Enviroment Unit - see also ONEEnviromental Permits
National Highway Planning NetworkGIS Data System
National Highway SystemRoadway Plans
Not to ScaleTitle Sheets
National Transportation Safety BoardMaterials and Testings
Origin and Destination (Survey)Capacity Analysis
Open Graded Asphalt Friction CoursePavement Schedule
Office of Natural Enviroment - see also NEUEnviromental Permits
Passenger Rail Projects (P-1234) or Passenger (Car)TIP Projects
Permeable Asphalt Drainage LayerPavement Schedule
Prestressed Concrete Box Beam (Unit)Structure Plans
Permanent Drainage EasementRight of Way Plans
Project Development & Environmental Analysis (Unit)Project Studied Document
Partial Depth Paved ShoulderRoadway Typicals
Professional Engineer or Project EngineerProject Managers and Designers
Private Engineering FirmsProject Correspondents
Profile Grade LineSuperelevation Data
Peak Hour FactorCapacity Analysis
Pont of IntersectionRoadway Plans
Point of Intersection No CurveRoadway Plans
Point of Intersection for SpiralsRoadway Plans
Professional Land SurveyorProject Correspondents
Point on CurveRoadway Plans
Point on TangentRoadway Plans
ProfileRoadway Profile
Point of Reverse CurveRoadway Plans
Point of Reverse SpiralRoadway Plans
ProposedRoadway Plans
Paved Shoulder or Pavement Schedule (Cells)Roadway Typicals
Plan SheetRoadway Plans
Point of Tangency or PointRoadway Plans
Permanent Utility EasementRight of Way Plans
Point on Vertical CurveRoadway Profile
Point of Vertical IntersectionRoadway Profile
PavementRoadway Plans
Pavement SchedulePavement Schedule
Point of Vertical TangencyRoadway Profile
Rural Projects (R-1234) or RadiusTIP Projects
Remove Adverse Crown, Reverse Crown, or Reverse CurveRoadway Typicals
Reinforced Concrete Box CulvertRoadway Plans
Reinforced Concrete PipeHydraulic Plans
Roadway Design ManualDesign Criteria Worksheet
ReinforcedRoadway Plans
RemoveRoadway Plans
ReplaceRoadway Plans
ResurfaceRoadway Profiles
RetainRoadway Plans
Record of DecisionEIS Results Documentation
Right of WayRight of Way Plans
Ramp (-RPA-, -RPD-)Roadway Plans
Rural Planning OrganizationsPlanning Correspondents
Railroad or Rip Rap or Rub RailRoadway Plans
Resurfacing, Restoration, and RehabilitationType of Roadway Project
Reverse SpiralRoadway Plans
RightRoadway Plans
Radius Type Concrete DriveRoadway Plans
South or Southern or Southing | Scenic Beautification Projects (S-1234)Roadway Plans
Sand Asphalt Base CoursePavement Schedule
Sand Asphalt Surface CoursePavement Schedule
Structure Anchor UnitRoadway Plans
Shoulder Berm GutterRoadway Plans
South Bound (Lane)Roadway Plans
Spiral Curve SpiralCOGO
Super Elevation (Rate)Roadway Plans
State Environmental Policy ActProject Permits
Systeme International (French) | Hazard Elimination Projects (SI-1234)Pavement Schedule
Shear Point or Super PavePavement Schedule
Shear Point DiagramRoadway Plans
Single Point Diamond InterchangeInterchange Design
SpiralRoadway Plans
Single Point Urban InterchangeInterchange Design
Service Road or Secondary RoadRoadway Plans
Slope StakesRoadway Plans
Spiral to Tangent (Point)Roadway Plans
StationRoadway Plans
Soil Type Base CoursePavement Schedule
StandardDrawing Standards
Statewide Transportation Improvement ProgramBoard Approval Process
StructureRoadway Plans
Struture RecomendationsStruture Recomendations
Subsurface Utility EngineeringSymbology Sheet
Single Unit TruckCapacity Analysis
SymbolSymbology Sheet
Tangent or Truck Volume (ADT)Title Sheet
Traffic BearingHydraulic Plans
Traffic Bearing Drop InletHydraulic Plans
Traffic Bearing Juction BoxHydraulic Plans
Temporary Bench MarkGeodetic Survey
Temporary Construction EasementRight of Way Plans
Temporary Drainage EasementRight of Way Plans
Tight Diamond InterchangeInterchange Design
TemporaryRoadway Plans
TerminatorRoadway Cells
Terminal End SectionRoadway Plans
Triangulated Irregular NetworkGeopak Resource
Transportation Improvement ProgramRoadway Plans
Turning PointGeodetic Survey
TrailingRoadway Plans
Tangent to Spiral (Point) or Typical SectionRoadway Plans
Title SheetRoadway Plans
Turning TemplateRoadway Cells
Tractor Trailor Semi TruckTitle Sheet
TypicalRoadway Plans
(Velocity) Design SpeedTitle Sheets
West or Western or Westing | Hazard Elimination Projects (W-1234)Roadway Plans
Wheel BaseAutoTurn Analysis
West Bound LaneRoadway Plans
Wheelchair Ramp Curb CutRoadway Plans
Wheelchair RampRoadway Plans
Wetland Limit BoundaryWetland Correspondents
Woven Wire (Fence) or Wing WallRoadway Plans
Cross SectionRoadway X-Section
Passenger Rail Projects (Y-1234)TIP Projects
Passenger Rail Projects (Z-1234)TIP Projects