• Overview

    1955 through 2008

    • The NCDOT Photogrammetry Unit has a 9”x9” negative film repository of approximately 460,000 frames of aerial imagery, mostly B/W
    • The film repository is located within the Photogrammetry Unit
    • The older aerial film, from 1955 - 1967, is an acetate based film and it is kept refrigerated for preservation purposes
    • All negative aerial imagery film holdings are indexed for research and investigation purposes

    2009 through Current

    • In December 2008, the NCDOT Photogrammetry Unit began acquiring digital aerial imagery
    • Composite digital mosaics are produced for all digital aerial imagery missions
    • Composite digital mosaics are a composite of all the individual aerial imagery frames that are accurately georeferenced
    • Composite digital mosaics are stored as 20:1 compressed MrSID files
    • All digital aerial imagery holdings are indexed for research and investigation purposes
  • Searching Aerial Imagery

    An online search tool​ is available for 1955-1992 historical aerial photography.  If you are interested in aerial photography after 1992, please see the instructions below to request a search.​

    All of the NCDOT’s aerial imagery holdings, both film and digital, are stored at the NCDOT Photogrammetry Unit office. All aerial imagery holdings are indexed by Mission Number in the following manner:

    • By Decade – Index books with a map of North Carolina and the approximate mission coverage shown
      • 1955 thru 1969
      • 1970 thru 1979
      • 1980 thru 1989
      • 1990 thru 1999
      • 2000 thru 2009
      • 2010 to date
    • By Mission Numbers
      • Mission index books that index NCDOT’s film holdings show individual ¼ size reproductions of each exposure in order to represent the mission coverage
      • Mission index books that index NCDOT’s digital holdings show a composite image of the entire mission coverage

    Individual exposures can be examined upon request. Film negatives are stored in film canisters and can be made available for examination at the NCDOT Photogrammetry Unit. NOTE – Acetate based film is refrigerated and requires 24 hours advance notice prior to being examined. Individual digital imagery exposures are stored locally and can be accessed for examination.

  • Requesting a Search - Contacting Us

    Email Us

    ​You may contact Imagery Assets by emailing Photogrammetry@ncdot.gov and we will assist you in researching aerial imagery. Please make sure to include a map and description that identifies the exact location of your area of interest.​

    Call Us

    You may contact Imagery Assets by phoning (919) 707-7114 and we will assist you in researching aerial imagery.

    Visit Us

    You may visit the NCDOT Photogrammetry office, located at:

    1020 Birch Ridge Drive
    Raleigh, NC, 27610 

    Searches of aerial imagery are more effective when specific information is known, such as a location (address, route number, city, county, etc.), a particular NCDOT project ID, or major geographic feature.

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