Documentation provided in this section shows the "Piedmont" & "Carolinian" performance per month, reports related to on-boarding, revenue generation, marketing and train host information.
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2015 Annual Host Meeting Postcard.pdf
2016 Annual Host Meeting Postcard.pdf
Benefits of State-Supported Passenger Rail Services in NC Study - 2015.pdf
NC Rail Awareness Survey Handouts.pdf
NC Rail General Awareness Survey Report - 2015.pdf
NC Train Host Association Brochure.pdf
NCDOT Rail Division Potential Revenue-Generating Activities - Supporting Documentation - 03.2016.pdf
NCDOT Rail Division Potential Revenue-Generating Activities Report - 03.2016.pdf
New “Go. Reconnect.” Ad Campaign Launched for NC By Train.aspx
North Carolina Train Host Association Annual Meeting - Rail Division Update - 03.05.2016.pdf
Piedmont and Carolinian On-board Survey Report - 01.2015.pdf
Piedmont and Carolinian Summer 2016 On-Board Survey Results - 08.2016.pdf
Piedmont CONNECT Wi-Fi Login Instructions.pdf
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