• The FRRCSI Program

    ​Established in 2013 under NCGS §124-5.1, the Freight Rail & Rail Crossing Safety Improvement (FRRCSI) program provides matching funds for: the enhancement of freight rail service, short line infrastructure assistance, freight diversion from highway to rail, and railroad-roadway crossing safety. The FRRCSI Program is comprised of seven subordinate programs: FRDP, SIAP, RIAP, Crossing Surfaces, Consolidations and Closures, Signals and Safety, and Corridor Protection and Reactivation. This repository archives information specifically for the FRDP, SIAP, and RIAP.​

  • Encroachment Agreements

    ​When construction or utility installation is proposed within the limits of NCDOT Railroad right-of-way, an encroachment agreement is required. Below is information about the agreement process, a list of downloadable application forms and information about requirements for an application.

    Please note that not every rail corridor is NCDOT owned. Many rail corridors are owned by private companies. Encroachment agreements on private rail corridors must be negotiated with the owner. A map of NCDOT owned rail corridors can be found here:


  • Overview of Encroachment Process

    ​​ The NCDOT’s Rail Corridor Preservation Policy allows encroachments that are compatible with the eventual return of the corridors to active rail or other transportation use. Encroachments are documented in the form of an encroachment agreement between the Department and the agreement applicant.

    ​​ Typical encroachments include utilities such as water, sewer, power and communications lines, and connections to NCDOT’s rail corridors that are used as trails such as the American Tobacco Trail.

    ​​ To obtain an encroachment agreement, the applicant must submit a complete application with plans showing the encroachment. Details for plan requirements are below. NCDOT Rail division will review the application and plans, determine whether the encroachment will be allowed, and assess a fee, if applicable.

    ​​ Performance and indemnity bonds may be required from the applicant for construction on the railroad corridor right of way. The Rail Division will follow the bond requirement guidelines used by the Division of Highways as stated in the Policies and Procedures for Accommodating Utilities on Highway Rights-of-Way when requiring a bond.

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  • Contact

    ​Please direct encroachment related questions and encroachment applications to:

    NCDOT Rail Division



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