​The N.C. Department of Transportation maintains county and bridge maps that identify primary and secondary roads and bridges that make up the State Transportation System. The maps also include incorporated cities and towns, communities, major waterways, airports, railroads and other points of interest, such as state and national parks and forests, churches, cemeteries and schools.

The N.C. Department of Transportation assigns only numbers to the roads it maintains. Names are assigned and updated by the individual counties that the roads are in.


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Available as a service to the freight industry, law enforcement and local, state and federal agencies, the N.C. Department of Transportation's posted bridge maps show where on interstates, U.S. and N.C. routes that a bridge's structural load – the maximum amount of weight a bridge can safely support – are posted.

The maps are broken up based on NCDOT's 14 Divisions and information about primary routes is about primary routes is available on this table.



Bridge postings are subject to continual updates that result from inspections, structural analyses, bridge maintenance (repair and replacement) and other factors. They are typically updated monthly, but subsequent updates, improvements, closures and/or incidents might not be reflected.

For more information about bridges and bridge load information, contact the Structures Management Unit at (919) 707-6400.


Want online maps?  GO! NC is the NCDOT portal providing access to online maps and geospatial transportation data.

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