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  • 07-02-12 New Version of the Workspace Update

    New Version of the Workspace Update program is now available (see Link Below). The existing program was beginning to exhibit problems and a re-write to bring code up-to-date appeared to be the best course of action. The new look and feel is slightly different but the functionality is essentially the same. This new program is named the same as the current program (UpdateWS.exe) and should simply overwrite the current one when installed. If you have any problems or issues please contact CADD Services.

  • NCDOT CADD Standards

    The CADD standards information is designed for users of MicroStation & other CADD related software (i.e. DesCartes, Geopak, IPlot, etc.) on NCDOT projects. It is our intent to provide the latest information and enhancements to increase productivity and promote standardization throughout the NCDOT.






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  • CADD Mailing Information

    Engineering Application Services - CADD Services

    RALEIGH NC 27699-1597
    1000 Birch Ridge Drive (DELIVERY)
    Raleigh NC 27610

    Information Technology - West

    c/o Bridge Maintenance
    1296 Prison Camp Road
    Newton, NC 28658
    Courier # 09-60-02

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