• NCDOT Use of Projectwise

    PEFs can now access their projects in ProjectWise for real-time collaboration with NCDOT. Authorization to access NCDOTs' ProjectWise data source requires external users to register and authenticate their credentials through Bentley's Connection Client.

    The CADD Services team is diligently working behind the scenes to ensure optimal performance of ProjectWise, granting users access to projects and enabling real-time collaboration with NCDOT's PEFs.

    For every new project created for NCDOT’s SharePoint Preconstruction site, a work area for the project will be created in ProjectWise with the same name and description. ProjectWise is NCDOT’s only authorized area for CADD file maintenance and storage. ProjectStore (NCDOT) is no longer being used as a repository for project files.

    Access to ProjectWise will be set up according to the Preconstruction project access. Existing projects residing in ProjectStore will be moved to ProjectWise at the Project Manager’s request. See also the Use of ProjectWise for Design Consultants memo​ from Chief Engineer, Lamar Sylvester. For questions/issues/guidance on working with existing or new projects, email dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov.


  • ProjectWise Overview

    Current Automated Tasks

    Nightly creation of ProjectWise work areas and divisional access to those work areas when Preconstruction site requests are processed.

    PEF access to ProjectWise work areas when Preconstruction Consulting Firm Access requests are processed.

    Planned Future Enhancements

    ProjectWise Drive – Similar to One Drive, this gives the ability to work with files outside of ProjectWise Explorer and use third-party applications that are not integrated with ProjectWise.

    ProjectWise Connected Projects – Web interface to allow upload/download of files.

    ProjectWise iCS for PDF – Gives the user the ability to generate individual PDF’s or PDF sets without opening the CADD applications. PDF generation can also be scheduled to run automatically.

    Access Request Form – Give the individual user the ability to request access directly from this page.

    PEF Access to Work Areas in ProjectWise

    Access to ProjectWise will be set up according to the Preconstruction project’s site access. Access/permissions are granted to groups and not individuals. Any member of the group will have access to any project the group has been granted permission to.


    NCDOT units and divisional personnel will have access/permission to applicable areas of a work area when it is created.


    The NCDOT Project Manager must submit a “Grant Consulting Firm Access Request” through the project home page in Preconstruction for projects where SharePoint access has not already been granted.

    Projects created in Preconstruction prior to the use of ProjectWise must be handled on an individual basis. The NCDOT Project Manager must send an email to dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov to request access to these work areas.


    Request for individual access to SharePoint Preconstruction is separate from access to ProjectWise. Permissions on Preconstruction libraries are set either during project creation or when the Grant Consulting Firm Access request is processed.

    Access to projects/work areas is granted to the firm not the individual. Any person added to the group list will have permission to any project the firm has been granted access to. 

    Requests for access to ProjectWise can be made through this request form.

    To submit a list of users, enter each separately into the single user form or use the PEF PROJECTWISE ACCESS REQUEST.pdf and email that to dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov.

    NOTE: If you are unable to connect to NCDOT’s ProjectWise Production datasource after verifying that you have a login, your company’s firewall security may be the problem. Include the following information in your firewall settings:

    ncdot-pw.bentley.com on port 5800 outbound traffic only

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