• February 2019 Update (new)

    ​The BR-0001 project was added as a ProjectWise Pilot project in February.   This project is built upon the new Template Folder Structure.

  • NCDOT is migrating to ProjectWise and currently has the below pilot projects into ProjectWise

    Below are the pilot projects:

    B-5356  (Project Eliminated from Pilots on 10/18/18)

    NCDOT will be requiring PEFs to use ProjectWise and work directly in the NCDOT datasource which is cloud hosted by Bentley.    This access will require PEFs to have Visa licensing to utilize the ProjectWise Explorer desktop client.

    Migration completed on Monday October 29th at end of day. 
    The four pilot projects are now in ProjectWise.   If you have any issues or need assistance, please email dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov.

    PEF Access to Pilot Projects in Projectwise:
    PEF access will be worked out the week of October 29th and all PEFs should have access to the Projects in ProjectWise by Nov 5th.

    PEF How To Access NCDOT ProjectWise Datasource:
    If you are not able (or have trouble) connecting to NCDOT's ProjectWise Datasource, it could be due your company's IT firewall security.  

    Make sure to use the following information for opening up your firewall:

    ncdot-pw.bentley.com on port 5800 outbound traffic only

    Stay tuned for more information regarding NCDOT's migration to ProjectWise.

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