• NCDOT Use of Projectwise

    Beginning in January 2020, a new ProjectWise site will be set up for every new project for which a Preconstruction SharePoint site is requested.  NCDOT and consultant users should use this project location in ProjectWise to store the CADD files for the project instead of using ProjectStore (NCDOT) or zipping up CADD files and storing them on the SharePoint site.

    Access to the ProjectWise site will be set up according to the access granted in the Preconstruction project site.

    Existing projects may be moved into ProjectWise at the discretion of the project manager.

    See also the Policy directive on NCDOT's use of ProjectWise​ from Chief Engineer Tim Little.

    For questions/problems/or guidance with transitioning existing projects, email to dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov.​


  • ProjectWise Update (06.29.20)

    Continuing enhancements       

    While ProjectWise is now live and in use in the NCDOT the ProjectWise team continues to enhance and expand its capabilities.  Recent enhancements of the NCDOT ProjectWise system include:
    • Automatic creation of a project in ProjectWise when Preconstruction site request and processed.
    • Automatic publishing of PDF renditions to SharePoint on request.

    Other enhancements currently being worked on include.​

    • Working with all the units within the NCDOT to configure the folders and attributes for their specific needs.  
    • Working on automatically generating folders for individual structures in the appropriate disciplines, driven from the Project Structures list in the Preconstruction project sites.  

    ​NCDOT is migrating to ProjectWise for the Preconstruction Projects       

    NCDOT will allow PEFs to use ProjectWise and work directly in the NCDOT data source, which is a cloud-hosted by Bentley.  This access will require PEFs to have a Bentley Connect Licensing to utilize the ProjectWise Explorer desktop client.  Projects will be managed by the appropriate NCDOT project management groups. Once the project has been assigned to a PEF, the permissions will be sent to the ProjectWise Support Group to be set.

    Migration of Older Projects.

    Current projects on Project Store will remain unless they are approved by the Project Manager and the ProjectWise Support Group. If you have any issues or need assistance, please email - dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov .

    PEF Members Access to Projects in ProjectWise.

    For each firm to gain access, the project manager will submit an access form to the PEF ProjectWise Administrator.  The PEF ProjectWise Administrator can fill out the membership request form and submit it to the ProjectWise Support Group. If a firm wants to remove members from their group, please email that request also to - dot.pwsupport@ncdot.gov .

    PEF Setup Access to NCDOT ProjectWise Datasource.

    If you are not able (or have trouble) connecting to NCDOT's Datasource, it could be due to your company's IT Firewall Security. Make sure to use the following information for opening your firewall:

    ncdot-pw.bentley.com on port 5800 outbound traffic only

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