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In Outlook, click on File, click on Manage COM Add-ins


In the ProjectWise IDesktop Intergration field click on Options


​In the Options click Disable this add-in, Apply and Close 

10/21/2020 11:11 AM

This appears to be an issue with Adobe Reader (PDF's) and not ProjectWise.  When clicking on a link in a PDF (pointing to ProjectWise) using Adobe Reader, it will fail (with Security Block message).  Clicking on links in Word seem to work ok but you will be prompted with a security warning message before proceeding. 

We are not sure if this issue to related to Adobe's internal security settings (with Acrobat Reader) or if it has difficulty understanding ProjectWise's link structure.  We have reached out to Bentley to see if they can help us with this.  We will be back in touch once we have more information.

​Example of Link to ProjectWise:   pw:\\\Documents\R4707\Roadway\Proj\

Adobe Reader ResultsWILL NOT work.  You are prompted with a message "Adobe Acrobat does not allow connection to…" (shown below) which prevents the user from going to the ProjectWise folder.


Word Results – it WILL work.  Word will prompt the user with a "Hyperlinks can be harmful…" message (shown below) but you can click on "Yes" to bypass to gain access into ProjectWise.


2/13/2019 8:00 AM

​Hold the shift button on the key board and double click on the second file. This will open the second file in its own MicroStation.

10/26/2018 9:34 AM

​Click on the F5 button on the keyboard.

10/25/2018 10:13 AM

Open the Microsoft product, click on the ProjectWise tab, click  Disable:

Note: If you open Word in ProjectWise it will Enable integration again.

10/25/2018 10:05 AM

Yes. This will be the local working directory used by ProjectWise. Do not open or delete files directly from this directory. Use the Local Document Organizer inside of ProjectWise Explorer to manage the local working directory.

10/16/2018 5:09 PM

​NCDOT is utilizing the Managed Workspace functionality in ProjectWise. This means that the workspaces are included in ProjectWise and will be downloaded to your local machine as needed based upon the file that you open in ProjectWise. For example, if you browse to the Hydraulics folder and open a file, ProjectWise will download the Hydraulics workspace to your local machine and will subsequently open up the DGN file in the Hydraulics workspace.

10/16/2018 5:09 PM