• About the CLEAR Program

    CLEAR is an internally-developed knowledge management program that gives voice to every NCDOT employee. It promotes cross-unit communication, sharing best practices, and organizational enhancements through an easy-to-use techinical platform. ​​

    The CLEAR Team works to take employee generated ideas, solutions, best practices, and lessons learned and turned them into Department benefits through various knowledge management programming efforts. Part of the CLEAR program includes the CLEAR Portal that is used to submit a lesson, idea, or request for a solution. The CLEAR team then works to move these ideas into implemented initiatives - both big and small submissions go through the steps needed to close feedback loops and create organizational knowledge that enhances our overall efforts. This is done through the Experts, Innovation Coordinators, and Technical Advisory Groups. More information on how this works can be found in the videos and documents on this page, including how the program was developed by the Value Management Office in conjunction with researchers from North Carolina State University and through discussions, interviews, and surveys with personnel throughout the Department.

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