• About the CLEAR Portal and Database

    The CLEAR Portal serves as a platform for submitting lessons learned, ideas, or solution requests. We strongly encourage Department employees to utilize the provided links to access and complete the relevant form for their submission. Additionally, they can also review previously entered information for reference. By sharing information within the Department, we foster a collaborative environment that enhances efficiency across all our endeavors.​


    What happens after I submit my best practice, lesson learned, or innovative idea?

    To maintain the quality and reliability of the shared information, all submissions undergo a rigorous vetting process before being added to the CLEAR Database. By subjecting submissions to a vetting process, we ensure that only the most relevant and valuable ideas are included in the database. This careful evaluation helps us maintain a record of the knowledge shared, allowing personnel to search and explore these ideas when seeking to implement them in projects or programs. 

    Submit Innovative Ideas and Best Practices
    The CLEAR Program needs your feedback in order to foster a culture of knowledge sharing throughout the Department. Share your best practices, innovative ideas, guidelines, and comments with us using the link below.

    CLEAR Best Practice/Idea Form

    Submit Lessons Learned
    As an industry partner, we value your expertise and invite you to submit lessons learned from Projects in development and construction. Utilizing the link below, submit into our CLEAR portal – NCDOT’s Knowledge Management Program. Your submission will be reviewed and vetted by Department experts and implemented as applicable

    CLEAR Lesson Learned Form

    Department personnel can access these forms by going to the CLEAR portal: CLEAR Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record (ncdot.gov)

    External Users will need a Business NCID to access Connect NCDOT sites. Contribution Access is required for all Post-Construction Assessment Participants (internal and external NCDOT participants). All internal NCDOT employees have READ access to all projects. ​​Create a Business NCID​

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